Electric tensioning tool for plastic cable tie ADT-120

Efficient & light industrial tool : Improve and Master perfectly your process !

Product highlights
  • Fast (cycle duration <1s)
  • Light<900g / 1,9Lb (battery included)
  • Perfect cutting to prevent injuries
  • Automatic cutting at the selected torque with residual retention until button released (no more residual on the floor)
  • Rotating narrow head (ambidextrous tool which improves access to difficult area)
  • Good Ergonomy : Reduce work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) linked to the use of manual or compressed air tools
  • Excellent Autonomy : >8h at 400 tensioned ties per hour on position 2
  • Adjustable tensioning torque (possibility to lock it on a single position) (*)
  • Diagnostic Led on tool (battery gage and safety)

Ecological Tool

More energy efficient than a compressed air model, useable for your ISO50001 Approach.

ADT-120 torques

The tensioning torque can be selected mechanically by turning the head in the proper position.

Tensioning torques available
Range Tensioning Torque min-max (Newton)
Position 1 175 – 250
Position 2 214 – 297
Position 3 to 8 Not available

It is possible to use other plastic cable ties Brand like (subject to validation by each customer) : Hellerman, Panduit, Legrand, RS, Wurth, Richco, ...

Available documentation